How does the PIRB generate income?

The majority of the PIRB’s income is generated through its yearly registration fee which pays for the administrative and functions of the PIRB. Further income is derived through the sale of the plumbing certificate of compliances. Income derived from the COC is used solely for […]

Who Owns and Governs the PIRB?

The PIRB is not owned by any individual. It is a Non-Profit Organisation that is governed and guided by a Constitution and an elected board of trustees. Further oversight of the PIRB is done through third party yearly audits and bodies such as The South […]

What does the PIRB do for me?

It is more about what the PIRB does for the Plumbing Industry as a whole. The objectives of the PIRB are: Effectively administering and maintaining a live and updated plumbing industry registration system. Monitor and re-enforce compliance to the national technical application of plumbing regulations, […]

What is the PIRB’s Objectives?

To effectively administer a live and updated plumbing registration system in South Africa To promote and encourage the upliftment of the training and skills development at all levels in the plumbing sector, in terms of the National Qualifications Framework (NQF) To promote, monitor and maintain […]