The audit isn’t a mere checklist; it’s a quest for excellence. By inspecting our practices, we aim not only to meet standards but to surpass them. A commitment to quality that echoes in every drop we control and every connection we secure.

What is an Audit?
A process that ensures adherence to regulations. An Audit is not just about compliance; it's about elevating standards, ensuring safety, and carving a legacy of reliability.



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Uphold the standards of the plumbing industry by holding practitioners accountable. Your concerns matter and your voice is powerful, and together, we'll build a plumbing industry that thrives on accountability and excellence.


an Audit?

The Plumbing Industry Registration Board plays a vital role in ensuring a safe environment by supporting both consumers and plumbers. Aligned with the Consumer Protection Act, it promotes a fair, accessible, and sustainable marketplace for plumbing products and services. The Act also mandates improved consumer information standards, preventing unfair business practices.