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My Client Has Not Paid Me! – What Can Be Done?
2.00 CPD

My Client Has Not Paid Me! – What Can Be Done?

Proof Required: Screenshot / picture of the Certificate

This course is worth 2 CPD Points, and provides insight into the steps that can be taken when your client has failed to pay you. This course can be completed in your own time.

My Client Has Not Paid Me! - What Can Be Done?

You have put in all the effort and time to complete the work, and you have provided the associated services. You have done the work correctly. You may even have purchased materials and equipment required to complete the work. You have done what it takes to earn the payment that is due to you. But, for whatever reason, your client delays your payment, or simply refuses to pay you. In this course we will share some of the remedies available to you, should you find yourself in a similar scenario. Our discussion will also include explanations and suggestions on how to manage your risk from the outset, how to set up contracts properly and how to administer them. Furthermore, we will discuss the requirement to first assess the position you find yourself in, then to decide on the best legal and cost-efficient process to follow to recover such funds.


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