Professionalism of the highest order should always be upheld. The Plumbing Industry Registration Board (PIRB) was established to maintain and administrate a continuously updated registration system of active practitioners of plumbing. PIRB’s intent is not to police professionals, but rather aims to assist in creating a culture that upholds professionalism and ensures that the industry is holistically committed to improvement.

Professionals strive to improve themselves and their work to get better at it. Continuous Professional Development as it pertains to PIRB, plays a significant role in helping plumbing professionals to acquire new skills and knowledge leading to the promotion of the professional integrity of plumbers. Many fields require their professionals to actively participate in ongoing learning to keep up with new demands of their respective professions. Michael Jordan did not stop going to the gym after winning one championship, Steve Jobs didn’t stop creating after the first apple computer, why should you be any different?

Think about it, constantly seeking improvement in all areas of your work sets you apart from the competition, but not only that it indicates that you working on being the best at what you do. So… why CPD you ask? Easy, you get to become part of creating a culture that is dedicated to working toward the highest form of professionalism and consistent excellence.