The plumbing industry stands at the threshold of a transformative era with the recent formulation of a regulatory framework that will align the plumbing profession with other trades such as the gas and electrical sector. This pivotal achievement is the result of numerous years of dedicated efforts, culminating in the last 8 months of intensive collaboration to establish a plumbing regulatory environment that promise to again elevate, the professional plumber, plumbing professionalism, and above all the safety and quality within the critical field of plumbing.

Ongoing collaboration with relevant government departments and the relevant industry stakeholders from the plumbing industry has resulted in a jointly developed regulatory framework that reflects the best interests of the trade. Additionally, engagement with government departments has ensured that the regulation and its supporting framework are optimally suited to the plumbing industry, enhancing public health and safety, including that of plumbers.

This collective endeavour has again highlighted the strength of plumbing industry, united industry’s commitment to the ideals of a proud plumbing professional industry.

All the stakeholders are confident, optimistic about the positive impact these changes will have on the plumbing industry; however it is worth noting that while this significant milestone has been reached, we await the final approval and enactment processes from the governmental departments.

In stark contrast to the industry’s broader goals, during the journey towards this regulatory milestone, as industry in the consultation, moments were encountered which attempted to derail the collaborative effort and progress.¬† Though these instances were challenging, the industry rallied together to navigate them, ensuring priority of the industry‚Äôs shared and overall objective is achieved.

Looking forward to further engagements with government departments, the industry remains committed to upholding integrity and prioritising the advancement that these regulations will bring to our industry. The industry stakeholders call upon the plumbers of the South African plumbing community to continue to support the ongoing efforts of professionalising the industry, as they continue to advocate for a regulatory environment that secures the professional plumbers standing and fosters our industry’s growth and safety.


  1. Those are good News indeed, when are you planning to implement these new development and in regard of gas please elaborate in details how far a plumber can go.

  2. Pirb were kicked out of sans. Why trust them .They are a more interested in ripping off the plumbers and getting a monopoly.

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