Will there be new CPD activities added?

Yes, when new activities are received for review, they will be added once approved. Examples of the current CPD activities are available on our PIRB Website. There may be other activities that are not reflecting on the PIRB website, and PIRB professionals, who intend participating […]

Where do I find CPD activities?

PIRB Professionals are required to be proactive and imaginative in searching for useful CPD information. Sources may include but are not limited to, local and international training and CPD providers, local and regional conferences, meetings, association notices, writing plumbing articles, publications with quizzes, surveys, mentoring, […]

What are CPD Streams?

To obtain CPD points, registered PIRB professionals can engage in a wide variety of CPD activities divided into three streams: Stream 1: Developmental: Core Knowledge and/or Non-Core Knowledge Development CPD Activities are activities that are related to structured educational and developmental meetings, seminars and training […]

How do I track my CPD Points?

The easiest and simplest way to track your CPD points is by logging into your PIRB online profile. You can also contact the PIRB directly and ask for the CPD Department, or by sending an email to cpd@pirb.co.za, with the subject line reading: CPD Status […]