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Water… Clean, available drinking water… the most precious commodity on earth.  Water is the source of life and it is around water sources that civilizations have formed over the centuries.  We can not live without safe drinking water and civilized society cannot exist without it.  It is essential for the continued existence of the human race that we continue to source and supply water to the people.  When we realise that, we also realise why the people who take water to the people have such an important job. 

The people are responsible for bringing clean water into the house and removing dirty water from the house are called Plumbers.  Being a Plumber is an essential occupation that keeps our society working.  Every top country in the world has a top Plumbing industry as its backbone.  Plumbers build the future, supplying clean water one drop at a time.

As with all industries, the Plumbing Industry also has its champions – men and women who give direction and lead the Industry.  To recognize these Champions of Industry and give them a platform to mentor and serve other members of the Industry, the PIRB are proud to announce the introduction of the Master Plumber designation.  This designation will be earned by Experienced licensed Plumbers and will give them the acknowledgement they deserve in our Industry.