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The Master Plumber is an experienced professional who manages various contracts on a regular basis.  These contracts are an integral part of the Plumbing Profession and the Master Plumber needs to have insight into the establishment and management of various contracts. 

It is therefore required from candidates to prove that they understand South African Law as far as it pertains to contracts, have the ability and understanding to close contracts, know how to manage contracts and ensure that timeous delivery according to agreed timeframes occurs and have the competence to deal with breaches in contracts.

This module will enable the candidate to build their Portfolio of Evidence in these specific areas.

These areas include:

  1. The South African Law
  2. The Law of Contracts
  3. Breaches and Termination
  4. Remedies of Contracts and Dispute Resolution
  5. Security of Performance
  6. Types of Contracts that pertains to the Plumbing Industry in South Africa
  7. Contracting Pitfalls