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A core element of being a Master Plumber is being able to run or provide support in running a successful business. Masters should be comfortable with all aspects of running and managing a business.  In this module, the Applicant needs to demonstrate that he/she has successfully mastered the concept associated with Business Management. 

Applicants will need to specifically demonstrate knowledge and understanding in the following areas related to business management; Sales and Marketing,

  • HR and Compliance,
  • Project Management and Planning,
  • Customer Management,
  • Business Communication,
  • Financial Management and Compliance,
  • Team Management, Strategy and Systems, as well as
  • Risk Management

Applicants will need to demonstrate hands-on experience in these different areas and must be applied to apply concepts within their own businesses or the businesses they are working with. The intention is not to master business theory for theory’s sake, but rather to provide useful, practical knowledge and skillsets that will aid in running and growing a successful business.

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