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The Master Plumber is a person who has a heart for serving and developing others. In this module, the Maser Plumber applicants will prove that they have mastered the skills and competencies relating to people development. Given that Master Plumbers are seen as leaders, role models and experts in their field, it is essential that they are able to guide and develop young practitioners. This module will confirm that the applicant understands coaching and mentoring and has the skills to have coaching conversations.

In addition, the Master Plumber must be able to plan and manage apprenticeships effectively and understand the underlying theory behind how we learn.  The Master Plumber must be able to prove their competency in the mentoring and training of young professionals. 

In this module, the Applicant needs to demonstrate that he/she has successfully mastered the concepts associated with Training and Mentorship.  These concepts are:

  • Coaching
  • Mentoring
  • Planning & Managing Apprenticeships
  • How we Learn / Training

Applicants must have hands-on experience with these different concepts and must apply these concepts in their own lives. The intention is to prove that the applicant can develop and empower other people.

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