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This module is focused on the technical and application elements of the Master Plumber curriculum. A Master Plumber is seen as an industry leader and the person that others come to for advice. As such, they need to be plugged into what is happening within the industry and knowledgeable even beyond their own experiences. The Master Plumber needs to be able to have a bird’s eye view of the trends and changes in the plumbing industry, while still being able to dive down into the detail.

With regards to the relevant Codes and Standards, the Master must be seen as the final quality check within their company and the industry, and the person everyone will ask the tough questions of – as such, they need to be equipped with the knowledge and understanding of application to be able to answer these questions. In addition, as they hold positions of authority and prestige within the industry, as a Master they are the person that practitioners from across the industry would come to, to ask questions about different kinds of projects and how to approach them.

As such the Master Plumber should be able to advise on a variety of different projects or know where to point people if they need expertise or advice (for example to another Master they know who has this expertise). Masters should additionally be equipped to take on a more substantive and strategic role within construction teams and should be able to work on the design phase. Finally, Masters should be aware of plumbing trends, not only in terms of knowing what has happened in the past but also best practices globally and where the future of plumbing is going.

In this module, the Applicant needs to demonstrate that he/she has successfully mastered the concepts associated with Applied Plumbing Principles.  These concepts are:

  • Codes & Standards
  • Design & Construction Projects
  • Plumbing Technology Trends

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